20 Stargazing Area Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

I live for the day when Isabelle includes a forecast for a meteor shower in her daily announcements!

This event gives players a reason to keep playing the game, even when Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters are closed for the day. It also presents an opportunity to share the special phenomenon with your friends.

One of my favorite memories of when I first started playing New Horizons was visiting new friends I’d made online, going to their islands, and taking snapshots of us all together, taking in

Darth Vader Cosplay Buyers Guide

For almost forty years, audiences have been entranced with Jedis, Wookies, and other lands in galaxies far far away. Defending truth and justice throughout the galaxy became every nerd’s dream. For some though, the Dark side has been calling out to them.

Who doesn’t want their own army of Storm Troopers at their beck and call? If you have ever secretly tried to use the Force to levitate your enemies or have reached for the crimson lightsaber rather than the pale blue your Anakin-fan friends pre

30 Bar Glasses Every Home Bar Must Have

Now that you’ve got all of your favorite lagers, wines, liquors and liqueurs, you may think you’ve got all you need to have the best home bar on the block. But wait, what are you going to serve up those liquids in? You don’t expect people to drink their beers from a can or wine straight from a bottle, do you?

Your classy set-up needs classy glasses, so let’s dive deep into 30 bar glasses that will cover all kinds of connoisseurs across every field of drinks.

A classic glass to hold 16 ounces o